How To Create Twitter Threads

Creating a series of connected tweets is easy to do and a great way to share more content on Twitter. Here is how to do them.

Even though Twitter increased the number of characters allowed in each tweet, there are still times you want to share more. You can reply to your own tweet to share more, but it can be hard to see all of them to get the entire story. That is when you thread your tweets.

How to Create Twitter Threads showing Twitter icon.

How can Twitter Threads help you? If you have a new blog post, podcast, or video, the first tweet in a thread can announce the topic. Then, instead of sharing the link to the content, you share the main points in other tweets in the thread.

Like most platforms, Twitter would rather keep people on there than seeing them follow a link away. With threaded tweets, you can share the information of your content, then in the last post, tell them to check out the link in your bio to find the complete story. If they like what they read, they will.

It is also a good idea to share information with people without them needed to do anything else. Just like you don’t constantly ask them to buy your book, don’t always ask them to click a link to get information. People remember who freely shares information and who doesn’t.

Be sure and include an image with your first tweet in the thread to catch people’s attention. If you have images that would work with other tweets, do so.

Threading tweets together is not hard once you know how to do it. The video below walks you through the steps.

Do you use threaded tweets? Have you found them to get better engagement than individual ones?

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