An Example of Repurposing Content for Fiction Authors

Repurposing your content is a great way to reach more readers by putting your content in more places. Here is an example.

I talk a lot about repurposing your content, such as the post on Repurposing Content Guide for Authors. I give some examples in An Authors Guide to Sharing Their Content, but I recently repurposed some of the content for my fiction audience and wanted to share the process with you.

Woman sitting at desk in front of laptop with camera on tripod recording her.

In the photo I am recording the audio version of a blog post. This audio version is uploaded to YouTube and is part of my Art and History in Fiction podcast series.

My phone sits in a tripod beside me. It is recording a video of me while I record the audio. My phone has a setting for hyperspeed, so the 9 minutes I record are condensed into 11 seconds. That video was posted to Instagram and TikTok.

And the picture you see above? It was taken with my tablet. I set a timer on the camera and went back to my chair before it snapped. It was used in my monthly newsletter and can be used on social media to promote both the blog and the audio version of it.

Three different types of content were created in less than 15 minutes. Of course, there was editing to do, and the blog post I recorded had to be written first, but the time to create addition content was minimal.

I hope this inspires you to try repurposing some of your content. What have you written than you can create another version of? How many ways can you use it?

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