Submission Spreadsheet for Writers

Writers have a lot to keep up with. If part of your writing career includes submitting manuscripts or stories, you need a way to track them. That is why I created a Submission Spreadsheet.

Submission spreadsheet for writers. Image of black spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet has 3 sections to help you track your submissions: By Date, By Title, and By Publication. When you submit something, you enter it on each of the three sheets.

The By Date sheet lets you quickly see how long it has been since you submitted your work. Be sure to fill out the Follow-Up Date column so you know if it is time to check on the status of your submission.

The By Title sheet should be kept alphabetically. If you want to see when you submitted a title, just scroll through until you find it and get the information you need. Maybe it is time you can submit somewhere else? Now you will know.

The By Publication sheet lets you see when you last submitted to a particular publication. Maybe you can only submit once a quarter. When did your last submission go in? A quick check of the sheet will tell you.

The spreadsheet was inspired by this article – What You Must Do If You Truly Want To Make A Living As A Writer.

If you indie publish you may think you don’t need a submission spreadsheet. However, you may find it helps to keep track of when you uploaded your book on different platforms or in different formats. Maybe you have a submit a short story to an anthology. Or maybe you have a collection of articles you want to submit to publications for some extra cash. The submission spreadsheet would help with all of those.

The spreadsheet can be edited, so add or delete columns to suit your needs.

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